The last stakeholder meeting of 2018 took place on December 12th. The methodology of the preparation and of the Action Plan 2020+ and its timetable was presented.

Bases of the Action plan were identified within the document of the Report on Territorial Diagnosis in the field of CCis in the Slovak Republic. This document represents a summary document on the current state of the cultural and creative industry in the Slovak Republic. Based on the CREADIS3 methodology, the Action Plan has a maximum of 12 actions. The Action Plan will be set up for 2020-2021. Based on project methodology and outputs (mapping of cultural and creative industries), the following three measures have been proposed:

  • Interim evaluation of the impact of the ESIF 2014-2020 instruments in relation to the cultural and creative industries in order to improve the quality of interventions  (for example: new recommendations for financial instruments under IROP PO3 will be taken into account) 
  • Supporting the creation of regional policies in the field of cultural and creative industries  (for example: the design of the relevant methodology , mapping of the regional creative ecosystem, its resources and needs) 
  • Creating a New Strategy for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries 2030  (including the MFF for 2021-2027, new incentives for private funding and relevant legislation, creation of the concept of internationalization of cultural and creative industries (until 31.12.2020), concept of multimedia support) 

Later on, the participants were informed about the completed study visits realized by the project partners, namely: 2nd study visit to Finland; 3rd study visit to the Basque Country and 4th study visit to Wallonia.

The last point of the program was the introduction of further steps.