Local stakeholders of Emilia-Romagna Region met on 20 February 2019, at the Department for Research, Innovation, Energy and Sustainable Economy, in Bologna.

The meeting started with the analysis of CREADIS3 activities carried out in last months. The new and updated versions of the reports on Emilia-Romagna Territorial Diagnosis and Mappings were presented to the participants.

The last study visits held were presented: the main topics in which they focused; how they were organized; the good practices presented; the visits made.

The first draft agenda of the study visit to be organized in Emilia-Romagna, in June 2019, was shared with stakeholders. The proposed program includes a presentation of each of the 3 good practices presented by Emilia-Romagna Region for CREADIS3 project, the 2 workshops to be lead by Wester Greece Region and Emilia-Romagna Region, visits to be held.

The main topic on which the study visit will focus is “creativity and industry”.

Stakeholders provided useful suggestions and inputs about places to visit, as well as about people to involve and projects to be presented.

The dates proposed for the study visit, 13 and 14 June 2019, were not suitable for the stakeholders participating in the meeting. Due to some already scheduled meetings and/or commitments, in which some of them will be involved in the same dates, we agreed together for proposing 26, 27 and 28 June to the project lead partner. The study visit would start the evening of 26 June, just a couple of hours in the venue related to one of the Emilia-Romagna good practices.

Stakeholders will continue to collaborate in drafting the study visit’s program, organizing the different sections and visits, in next weeks.

Finally, participants agreed to meet, in next months, for discussing in detail about the development of the regional Action Plan.