Last 14th June, the Basque Country Region held the 3rd stakeholder meeting in Donostia-San Sebastián.

Joxean Muñoz, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government, introduced the 3rd stakeholder meeting and welcomed the participants. Marina Aparicio, CREADIS3 Project manager, gave a brief description of the current situation of the CREADIS3 project and the activities carried out since the last stakeholder meeting, which took place on December 2017.

Later on Josean Urdangarin presented the Territorial Diagnosis report to the stakeholders. The different parts in which the report is structured were presented, especially CCI Sector Analysis: Evolution and current situation, CCI Sector characterization and SWOT Analysis of the CCI Sector. The focus was on the data concerning the number of jobs (source Directory of economic activities) and the CCIs Sector divided into 15 different sectors.

Also it was presented how the SWOFT analysis has been carried out. It was mentioned that it has been based on various studies about the policy mix on CCIs existing in the Basque Country and finally a brief summary of the main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats was given. The stakeholders participating in the meeting were distributed in two different groups. While one group worked on the prioritization of the Strengths and Weaknesses, the other one worked on the Opportunities and Threats. At the end of the session, every group presented the main conclusions, which were summed up by the Lead Partner and discussion followed up. These conclusions prepared by the participants in the workshop will be incorporated into the SWOT analysis included in the Territorial Diagnosis.

It was explained that from now on work on the Good practices report on Governance and Ecosystems will be carried out and how this work will take place. It is intended to compare the six Partner territories, so that each Partner can be a characterization model. The final aim is to extract the assets from every model. This work will be finished next September and the report will be presented at the next stakeholder meeting to be held in October.

The agenda of the 3rd study visit, that will take place on 3 and 4 July in the Basque Country was presented to the stakeholders, who were informed that a special session where stakeholders will be able to meet together will be organized on 3rd July in Bilbao.

Concerning the future study visits (Wallonia Region in November, Emilia-Romagna in February 2019 and Western Greece in May 2019) it was explained that the stakeholders could start thinking of their interest to participate in any of the coming study visits.