The 4th stakeholder group meeting was held on April the 16th. Raija Partanen, development manager, Regional Council of Central Finland (chair), and Tiina Kivioja, project coordinator, Regional Council of Central Finland (secretary) gave a briefing about the Study Visit to Slovakia. 

Then the content of Central Finlands' Study Visit, which took place in May, was introduced to the group. The group members were satisfied with the programme and they also mentioned they would actively participate according to their possibilities.

Afterwards, the study visits to Basque Country and Wallonia were introduced; at this point, there was one group member participating to Basque Country (Lea Goyal) and one to Wallonia (Anna-Liisa Juurinen) Study Visit.

Short after, Raija Partanen introduced the seminar, organised in cooperation with Circwaste and CREADIS3 –projects, held 24th April on Circular economy in craft sector: Creative capacities promoting economic restructuring towards resource wisdom project. The seminar is a part of the Jyvaskyla Educational Consortiums Circular economy in craft sector: Creative capacities promoting economic restructuring towards resource wisdom project, being the speakers professionals in circular economy and entrepreneurs specialized in combining CCIs and circular economy.

There was still time to present Thematic Trail Trigger - Three T"-project, an Interreg Europe funded project that intends to improve policy instruments to protect and enhance natural and cultural heritage, identifying and sharing innovative eco-friendly solutions for accessibility, mobility and visibility to promote thematic trails in Central Finland. The project is strongly connected to Regional Strategy 2040, The Cultural Environment Strategy and the Regional Tourism Strategy partners from eight countries: Finland (Regional Council of Central Finland), Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Romania and Slovenia JAMK University of Applied Sciences is the co-partner in Finland.

Finally, it was mentioned that Jamsa, the large-scale multi-actor marketing project concentrated on social media that was introduced in the last Stakeholders Group meeting, was progressing well and discussion about the workshop to be organized by Central Finland during Basque Country Study Visit, which could deal with wellbeing industry, bioeconomy or digital economy culinary (tourism)was opened.