On 24 and 25 April 2018 CREADIS3 Lead Partner, the Basque Country, is participating in the Experience Fair being held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This event brings all Interreg Europe projects together to share and exchange experiences.

During the first day, the Basque Country Region, had the opportunity to participate at the opening session, where the stage for the exchange of experience with highlights from the programme state of play and inspiration for interregional learning was set and where also the future of interregional cooperation was addressed. Later on, in working groups, participants discussed the most effective strategies and practices to engage with and mobilise their stakeholders. The participants drafted a list of good advice for stakeholder cooperation and shared concrete examples and experiences with each other. 

On 25th April the working groups continued sharing their most successful techniques for learning from each other and transferring good practices between regions in order to identify a set of recommendations, tips and tools that can be shared across projects. Short after this, the next session focused on approaches to drafting, approving, implementing and monitoring action plans. Projects from different stages shared their experiences.


During the afternoon two Cross-cutting sessions took place, in which participants shared tips and tricks to fine-tune the process in short interactive sessions on issues related to project management, communication and the learning process.