The first study visit of the CREADIS3 project will be held from 20-21 March 2018 in Bratislava, in the Slovak Republic. The several workshops that will be organized, will deal with the following themes: Foster multilevel administrative collaboration to enable better synergies between the different authorities in charge of CCIs and Policies and tools to support the development of cross-sectoral cooperation in the cultural and creative industries of Wallonia.

This study visit will also be connected to a local cultural event, the International Film Clubs Festival Febiofest, and visits based on the good practices identified by the Government of Slovakia, will take place. Specifically, these site visits will focus on the following issues: 

National Business Centre (NBC): this centre offers comprehensive support to SMEs and those interested in starting their business. The main mission of the NBC is to implement the concept of a one-stop-shop offering a wide portfolio of information and supplementary services to all starting and established businesses in different stages of their life cycles and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as to creative and innovative people who are considering commercializing their idea or product.

Creative Point is a part of the NBC. It is a self-standing component of the Acceleration Program. It is basically a creative workshop offering services that are tailored to creating modules and prototypes as well as development of new products. The main goal of Creative Point is to provide access to new technologies – enhancing creativity, knowledge sharing, proven procedures and further resources for creative ideas to a wide target group and inspiring entrepreneurs. 

More information about the National Business Centre (NBC):

Here is more information about Febiofest: