Today, Budapest Enterprise Agency successfully held their second local stakeholder meeting via Zoom. In light of COVID-19, it has been fantastic to see that partners are still able to continue the activities of the CRAFTS CODE project, thanks to the use of technology. 

Participants who attended the online meeting were updated on the CRAFTS CODE Interregional Thematic Seminar (ITS), which also took place via Zoom on the 12 and 13 May. This two-day webinar, which was originally planned to take place in Finland, instead was opened up to wider audiences and allowed the general public to discover more about the project and hear presentations by partners on their good practices.

Today, on the 9th June, there was a lively and engaged discussion from participants on the good practices presented during the ITS and on the next steps of the project. We are also already seeing positive benefits and future collaborations as a result of the ITS in May. One example of this is that Zsuzsi Panyi has been invited by another stakeholder to present at their assembly meeting. Zsuzsi Panyi from Hungary, previously presented on her unique Poppy bulb mentor programme with the title "How to educate artisans to make a living” at the ITS on the 13 May on behalf of Budapest Enterprise Agency. 

At the end, of the meeting all participants were invited to the forthcoming 3rd stakeholder meeting which will be on the 18th June (via zoom). This meeting will include a workshop for artisans and other stakeholders. We look forward to sharing with you the results of this workshop!

 You can find out more about the Poppy Bulb Mentor Programme HERE