On the 12 and 13 May, Interreg Europe CRAFTS CODE project held its first Interregional Thematic Seminar! online via Zoom.

Project partners, stakeholders and participants of the project shared their 'Good Practices' which responded to the topic 'How to improve innovation in business models and process'.

On the 13 May, Zsuzsi Panyi from Hungary was delighted to have a presentation about the unique Poppy bulb mentor programme with the title "How to educate artisans to make a living”.

The incubation programme was launched to help other artisans, crafters and professional designers how to manage their businesses and market their product and reach financial success, while retaining their creative freedom. The programme provides free downloadable materials, online courses and one-on-one personal counselling as well as off-line workshops.

During the years, Zsuzsi Panyi, the founder of the programme has seen many handmade and design products worth distributing. At the same time, many of these artists had a day job to live on that they did not enjoy. She listened to many stories of artists telling they do not know how to start or expand. She had the vision of a poppy bulb with many precious poppy seeds in it that can not bee seen and culminated. The goal is to help these products, businesses and artists to make a living.

 Zsuzsi Panyi graduated as an architect, but after she had a family she decided to downsize her design process. Back in 2007 she started her career as a self taught artist designing bold glass jewelry in her home studio and in one short year it grew from a hobby to a full-fledged business.

In the beginning, raising a family and starting a business at the same time left little room for traveling to resellers and negotiating contracts so out of necessity Zsuzsi Panyi launched her business online. And ten years later, she developed panyizsuzsi to a nationally recognised brand. What once seemed like a drawback became her biggest strength. She’s a wife and mother of four who continues to handcraft jewelry and run her business with a team of freelancing women and part-time working mothers. They design, craft and package every piece in her beautiful pink attic studio to deliver joyful European style to the customers’ door.

See the presentations from the two-day seminar here:


Find out more about the Poppy bulb mentor programme here:

Contact Panyi Zsuzsi [email protected] in case you would need more info on the programme.