On the 12 and 13 May, CRAFTS CODE held its first Interregional Thematic Seminar! online via Zoom.

Project partners, stakeholders and participants of the project shared their 'Good Practices' which responded to the topic 'How to improve innovation in business models and process'.

On the 12 May, EOI-Fundesarte, Spain presented on two good practices for the CRAFTS CODE project. The first good practice was by Marc Monzó, creative director of MISUI. The Barcelona-born brand MISUI is a curator of jewellers that collaborates with its designers to develop innovative projects of high artistic value. This approach implies that the authorship of the jewellery is always communicated, giving visibility and a leading role to the designers.

MISUI stands out for its curatorial approach. The work of a curator is to select different creators and guide their work so that their voice continues to be identified in the result. In other words, the artist does not merge with the brand, he preserves the values of the firm, but follows his own style: the curatorial work is, above all, a dialogue.

The designers of the brand propose a contemporary vision on jewellery and luxury. The brand bets on talent and local production, thus sealing a commitment to Barcelona's long jewellery tradition.

Based on a specific commission, the chosen designers - all with their own style and an internationally recognised artistic career - enjoy full freedom to create having at their disposal the necessary materials and tools to transform their ideas into shapes with the highest quality standards.

Further information below:
Website: www.misui.es   

Contact: Ana Peris  
Email: [email protected]   
Telephone: 655 75 82 12  

For the second good practice “Artesanía No Prato” (crafts on a plate) project which was launched in 2013 as part of the second edition of "Corazón de Artesanía. Encuentro de la Artesanía Tradicional y Popular de Galicia", a crafts gathering held annually in July which aims to generate an interrelationship between crafts, design and gastronomy. This was an action that connected nouvelle cuisine with the brand Artesanía de Galicia (Crafts from Galicia). Laura Miguel Baumann from Fundesarte presented on behalf of Fundación Pública Artesanía de Galicia, which is the organisation in charge of this project.

Through “Artesanía No Prato” craftsmanship is introduced to outstanding chefs in Galicia with the aim of them becoming promoters of the synergies between crafts and gastronomy, focusing on the value of bringing together both sectors and seeding new collaborations in product design for nouvelle cuisine as well as reviewing traditional elements of the local craftsmanship. 

As a result of this initiative, it has been possible to establish a fluid dialogue between craftmanship and gastronomy: two of the main pillars of Galician culture. There are currently more than 40 craft workshops working with Galician and national chefs, as well as with large catering distribution companies.

Further information below:
Website: www.artesaniadegalicia.xunta.es  

First Professional Conference “Artesania No Prato” 2017

Second Professional Conference “Artesania No Prato” 2019

Contact: Elena Fabeiro Castro
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +34 881 999 171


See the presentations from the two-day seminar here: https://www.interregeurope.eu/craftscode/library/