In early March, EOI-Fundesarte hosted their first local stakeholder meeting in the EOI headquarters of Madrid. During the session, different innovative projects were shared by a great multidisciplinary group, composed of those in charge of crafts in the different autonomous communities, training schools, experts, business and crafts associations, representatives of national organisations, and designers among others.  

In this first meeting, EOI-Fundesarte introduced the CRAFTS CODE project and focused on the first topic, which is to analyse and identify successful innovative best practices applied to business models and processes in the crafts sector, to be extrapolated to similar companies in Europe and develop new policies. EOI-Fundesarte will address the following policy instrument: Plurirregional Operational Programme of Spain 2014-2020-OT3.

During the meeting, all the participants shared their points of view and ideas, as well as projects that were being developed in their regions and areas of work. There was a great discussion about the use of new technologies and cross sector collaboration between artisans, designers or makers. The need for new administrative tools was considered and different business growth programs were shared. Topics such as experiential tourism, craft services or the use of the media to reach another type of audience was also discussed.

Finally, attendees committed to collect examples of good practices in their different areas and share them with EOI-Fundesarte for their evaluation and next presentation to the interregional thematic seminar that will be held in Vaasa, Finland with the rest of European partners.