The Hungarian leg of the CRAFTS CODE project has officially been started by the first meeting of the local stakeholders in Budapest, on the 21st of January 2020. The Interreg Europe project CRAFTS CODE aims to support tailoring SMEs in all stages of their development, and encourage their participation in innovation.

In the meeting, organised by the Hungarian project partner Budapest Enterprise Agency, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, the Association of Hungarian Folk Artists and the Hungarian Fashion Association, as well as glass artist and SME consultant panyizsuzsi contributed to the discussion.

The purpose of the local stakeholders group meetings is to identify good practices that can be shared with partners and tailored to to regional and local needs based on strengths. Topic 1 for CRAFTS CODE is centred on “How to improve innovation applied to business models and process”. We look forward to sharing the results and findings from these meetings with you very soon!