Ideas for entering new markets and finding new customers - a virtual event for Ostrobothnian entrepreneurs and craft organisations on 26.01.2021

Don't miss this virtual workshop on the 26.01.2021 to learn about good European practices that allow craft businesses to enter new markets and find new customers, and what you could learn from them. The event is aimed at all Ostrobothnia crafters and craft organisations. The event is free of charge and will be held in Finnish.

Programme of the event:

13:00 - 13:10: Opening and presentation of the event.

13:10 - 14:10: Presentation of good practices and reflection on what could be transferred to Ostrobothnia and our own activities.

14:10 - 14:40: Discussion of good practices that have been identified as transferable, why they are good and how they could be transferred to Ostrobothnia.

14:40 - 14:50: Where to find more European practices 14:50 - 15:00: Summary of the event and presentation of the next development theme.

The event will be held virtually using Zoom. Registrations by 22.1.2021 at:

Check out European good practices that were presented in our 2nd Seminar here:



For further information, please contact: [email protected]

About the project:

The aim of the CRAFTS CODE project is to map good regional handicraft practices and to present good European handicraft practices for the benefit of Finnish actors in the crafts sector.

CRAFTS CODE based on efforts made by the partners for the implementation of policies and projects aims to enhance the competitiveness and the skilling up potentials of SMEs belonging to the crafts sector, in order to innovate it and mitigate the risk of disappearance of many craft traditionals and manufacturing. More about the project at

The national organizers of the event are the Finnish partners of the CRAFTS CODE project, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the Design Centre Muova (VAMK).