Internationalization phenomenon has significantly changed the landscape for most business resulting to a very dynamic market situation with severe competition for the companies. In order to provide a more efficient support to the private sector, IVACE has selected two best practices aimed at incorporating a broader perspective on internationalization strategy formulation and execution and a focused approach to entrepreneurship. The overall objective is to have a stronger impact on the internationalization of the Valencia Region.

The first one is the Emilia Romagna Go Global Strategy ERGO. Emilia Romagna is performing very well in the international arena, one of the leading export areas in Europe with a very competitive industrial sector and an export based economy. The aim of IVACE, selecting the ERGO best practice, is to evaluate the feasibility of a more comprehensive Internationalization strategy in the Valencia Region not only focusing on the exporters needs but for the region as a whole. One of our targets relates to further and more efficient coordination of entities related to SMEstargets relates to further and more efficient coordination of entities related to SMEs in the region of Valencia.

We are designing a new framework of cooperation with the sector associations representing the needs of their associated companies. There will be calls for proposals, and the different organizations will select specific activities, strategies and markets, so they will compete with each other to provide the best assistance for the companies.

Regarding the TRIIP programme, the Valencia region has traditionally been exporting consumer goods, building materials and agrifood products. The services and export programmes originally designed for the needs of traditional exporters have been adapted to the new innovative sectors.

The profile of the firms demanding IVACE services, funds, promotional activities abroad and assistance from us has changed for the past 5 years. Companies are asking for a different approach, with very limited resources, and going international from the very beginning.

IVACE started cooperating with the business incubators, created new tools for start ups and designed promotional activities for these new companies recently. There is a lot of room for improvement.

The best practice proposed by Gävle in Sweden, is very relevant. The new profile of the innovative companies, start ups, creative industries going global from the very beginning, requires a new approach. This approach will be provided by the TRIIP program and the experience of the Swedish regions in working within a network and assisting entrepreneurs to consolidate and export their services and products.