On September 14th a transfer workshop on good practice TRIIP (The Regional Innovation Internalization Project) from Sweden took place. Participants gathered in the Marshal Office in Poznań, Poland connected via Skype with speakers in Gävle, Sweden. During the conference attendees were acquainted with cluster Future Position X activities. Special session was devoted to TRIIP project: its background, statistics, offer, target group, staff/resources needed, methodology and learning/success factors.

Employees of the Marshal Office’s Department of Economy and representatives of 8 stakeholder organisations from Wielkopolska Region participated in the conference in Poznań while 2 FPX experts joined the event in Gävle.

TRIIP was chosen by Wielkopolska Region authorities as one of good practices to be implemented within transfer workshops. The practice seemed particularly interesting for Wielkopolska Region policy actors as a tool designated only for microenterprises. It was considered worth checking the possibility of using a similar measure on the Wielkopolska’s ground.The workshop consisted of 2 parts: session on FPX activities and session on TRIIP project. The participants were acquainted with PowerPoint presentations and promotional films. Experts answered on questions from Poznań after each session.

Participants gathered in the Seat of Marshall Office in Poznań were able to learn more on projects in the fields of internationalisation and innovativeness run in North Central Sweden. Thanks to TRIIP presentation it was possible to better understand main assumptions of the project: target group, staff/resources needed, methodology and learning/success factors. It was particularly interesting for Polish counterpart of the workshop to see how new technological trends can be included in the projects which make the regional policy in Gävle, Gävleborg and North Central Sweden.

Some elements of TRIIP project can be included in the recommendation concerning support instruments for internationalisation of microenterprises within Wielkopolska’s ERDF Regional Operational Programme for the future programming period.