Ervet hosted the first project transfer workshop - in Bologna, experts from Valencia supported by IVACE discussed with ERVET’s stakeholders to deepen their knowledge on the SMEs’ internationalization programs “Xpande, Xpande Digital and Sicomex” 

 On March 27th-28th, IVACE, the Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia, Arvet Association, Reggio-Emilia Municipality, Emilia-Romagna Region, Ervet spent two days together in Bologna to discuss about the programs Xpande, Xpande Digital and Sicomex and how these good practices can inspire local policy instruments supporting SMEs’ internationalization.

In the first day, Valencia Chamber of Commerce’s speakers presented Xpande and Xpande Digital programs, highlighting the administrative - financial aspects and the success factors at local level, due to the technical assistance and consultancy provided and the development of a specific export plan, 6,000 SMEs started their internationalization from 1996 to 2006 in Spain. This followed with participants contributions leading to an interactive and fruitful working session.

The second day was dedicated to Sicomex: a deeper introduction to the program highlighted aspects regarding its main goals and working principles; including the challenges and problems faced, administrative and financial issues, such as the annual and the success fees covered by the participants. Questions were distributed in advance and gave a strong foundation for a lively and inclusive discussion mainly focusing on the interaction between the agent, Arvet and the company.

Xpande and Xpande Digital are managed by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia and are aimed at new SME exporters. Both programs are structured in two phases: the first offers assistance and advice for the definition of a specific "export plan" (Xpande) or "digital marketing plan" (Xpande Digital). In the second phase, the activities planned on the chosen foreign market are carried out and the company receives 50% coverage of the costs incurred thanks to ERDF resources.

Sicomex is designed and managed by ARVET, a private association of exporting companies operating in 4 sectors. The program facilitates and promotes SMEs export to foreign markets through the support of a commercial agent made available to groups of 6 companies never competitors. The agent is native of the place to which it is intended to export and selected by ARVET on the basis of experience and knowledge of the market. He offers to each one a commercial entry service in the sector of interest, based on the company's capabilities, products and resources, identifying customers/distributors and supporting the company in all the actions necessary for the penetration of the market. The advantage is based on the sharing of costs and risks of entry on foreign markets by the companies involved. The goal is to stabilize the company's presence on the chosen market within a year.



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