ERVET organized the 4th Local Stakeholders Group meeting to select 3 out of the 5 regional good practices previously identified and presented to project partners during the webinar organized in March: those initiatives that triggered most of the partners’ interest were finally selected.

ER GO GLOBAL 2016-2020: a multi-annual program approved by Emilia-Romagna Committee of Export & Internationalization and implemented by the Attractiveness and Internationalization Service. This program was appreciated by partners for the integrated nature of its measures and for the capacity to concentrate different tools supporting the internationalization of the Emilia-Romagna productive and innovative system into a shared programme.

REGIONAL LAW n. 14/2014. The "Law for the promotion of investments " provides economic incentives to enterprises in order to implement investment programs of high strategic value, consistent with development guidelines outlined by the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy - S3. In this context, ERVET plays a key role as the regional contact point for foreign investors, to whom it offers a wide range of information and support services, before and after, their investments. ERVET also supports Emilia-Romagna region in the development, promotion, selection and evaluation of investment proposals and in definition of the “Agreements for the settlement and the development” provided by law.

MEASURE 4.2. the measure is included in the Regional Program “productive activities 2012-2015” and supports both the participation of SMEs to international trade fairs and projects submitted by the Internationalisation Consortia for the internationalization of businesses. The National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Emilia-Romagna Region has promoted the creation, development and growth of 9 Consortia, groups of SMEs operating in the same sector and territory, whose partnership provides more opportunities to penetrate foreign markets, overcoming those obstacles caused by the small size and the restricted investment’s capacity.

During the next project meeting – scheduled for April 19-20 in Poznan, project partners will plan the study visits for the in depth exchange of experiences and good practices, paving the way for the transfer of those initiatives with a potential for improving the set of tools available in each context to support the internationalisation of SMEs.