GAPR & Wielkopolska Study visit

In the middle of october the Wielkopolska Region and GARP, Upper Selisian Agensy for Entrepreneurship and Development, hosts the third study visit of the Compete In project. The visit begins in Katowice, the coal and steel town in south of Poland where GARP will present the first three best practices. Part of the visit will be located 320 meter beneath the surface in the Guido Coal Mine and Museum in Zabrze. The group will also attend the European congress of small and medium-size enterprises in Katowice.

Presentation of good practices in GAPR, Silesia Region 17-18 October

  1. Methodology of identification of directions of internationalisation for given industries
  2. Silesian Regional Investors´ and Exporters´ Service Center
  3. International cooperation of the Silesia region

Half way through the visit will be relocated to Poznan where Wielkopolska Region, together with local stakeholders, will present the remaining best practices. Visits to local companies will also be arranged 

Presentation of good practices in Wielkoposka 18-20 October

  1. ”Gospodarna Wielkopolska”
  2. Export advisory service & export guarantee fund for SMEs
  3. Support for the development of enterprises international cooperation offered by Chambers of Commerce in Wielkopolska

You can follow the study visit on facebook @competein and twitter @compete_in.