This article is an excerpt from the 2 interregional learning event of the COLOR CIRCLE project which took place online from 23rd to 25th June. It highlights a local initiative. Granada biorefinery – A 100% circular facility

Mr. Gonzalo Jiménez Espinosa, R Sustainable Development and Research & Innovation Director at Emasagra, the Granada Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Company. The company is fully committed to integrate circular economy principles in its daily activity and, consequently, adopted its Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development (2017-2021), which envisaged the implementation of a new paradigm: the Biorefinery ―specially designed to achieve a circular model through energy generation, water reuse and recovery of waste resulting from the purification process.

This change of paradigm promoted by the Granada South Biorefinery has demonstrated to have positive results in the whole area concerned, and has been recognized by the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform as a best practice : 

Take a look at the full Powerpoint presentation here