Finding the potential of circular economy in the Central Bohemian Region was the main topic
of the workshop, which took place on 17 January 2020 and was held in Prague.

The workshop was part of the COLOR CIRCLE project that was created with the support of the Interreg Europe program and is realized by partners from 5 different countries!

The workshop was conducted by experts from the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre (SIC) – Vedran Bostandžić and Cyril Klepek and focused primarily on identifying and systematizing strategies, tools and seeking synergies in the circular economy. Two presentations were also made before the final discussion. Project manager Vedran Bostandžić introduced the project and its objectives, followed by a presentation of Cyril Klepek, an expert on the circular economy. Mr. Klepek also presented good practice examples from different European projects. 

The workshop participants became members of the national circular economy expert group (RSG – Regional Stakeholder Group) which will meet regularly every six months during project implementation and RSG provide feedback and ideas for developing an action plan and other supportive activities (monitoring project actions, outputs, and results, ensuring their successful transfer to Central Bohemia Region).

RSG meetings represent an excellent opportunity for learning, exchange, and inspiration. The creation of the national action plan is one of the main outputs  of the project. 

The next RSG meeting is scheduled for mid-2020 and by then the project team members will work on the active involvement of representatives of the Central Bohemia Region and other interested institutions.