Within the framework of COLOR CIRCLE, HESAM University is building a Circular Economy Network with teachers and researchers of its 14 member-institutions.

The Circular Economy Network aims at:

- bringing together the actors of the circular economy;
- making visible the expertise of the institutions with regard to the local demand of employment and need for training and research ;
- facilitating cooperations;
- informing about European projects and the next programming period.

The launching event took place on Wednesday 21 October 2020, during an online event with 23 participants. In the morning, 6 researchers and teachers from 6 different institutions presented the activities they are already carrying out in relation to circular economy. This allowed for an interdisciplinary exchange between engineers, designers, fashion designers, sociologists and architects. The member institutions of the HESAM community also hold 4 chairs which were also presented during the morning session.

The afternoon was dedicated to presentations of specific examples of cooperation between researchers and local authorities. For example, the Chambéry Institute has been working since 2012 on controlling the life cycle of complex products containing plastics and helping local authorities to identify the channels in their territories.

Thanks to the event,  actors carrying projects within the HESAM community have been identified. As a follow-up, an online meeting is planned for January 2021 between HESAM researchers and the local authorities of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, both partners of the project.