In this online symposium will be discussed how a circular economy and society can rise up to the above challenges by tackling the following questions:

  • What does a de-growing circular society mean?
  • Why do we need to transition from a circular economy to a circular society?
  • How can a circularity transition address social and environmental well-being while reducing humanity’s global environmental footprint?
  • What are policy solutions for a circular economy and society that stays within the planetary boundaries?

The event will build on the first Utrecht Degrowth Symposium, which was held in June 2019 and introduced the notion of degrowth to the public in the Netherlands. The second Utrecht Degrowth Symposium aims to further connect stakeholders from academic and non-academic institutions to discuss holistic societal transformations needed to address the socio-ecological crisis of the 21st century.

All local stakeholders are invited to join. LP will attend.