This presentation was held at the thematic event on recycling technologies in landfill management projects held in Mechelen on July 3, 2019.

Bart Nevejans (Aertssen) presented the redevelopment of an old landfill into a new residential area in Turnhout.

During world war II the site was excavated, afterwards the pit was filled with municipal solid waste till about 1963. The 2ha landfill was used since then as meadow land.

In order to sell the land, in 2011 a soil investigation was performed. This indicated that there were indeed some historical contaminations caused by the presence of the landfill, but that the risks were very limited and no urgent remediation was needed.

In 2015 the terrain was sold and the buyer started to remediate the site in view of elimination of all risks that could appear when redeveloping the site for housing land.

About 28 000 m3 materials were excavated and sorted in a landfill mining project, mostly soil, gravel, municipal solid waste and inert material. After analysis, the clean material was reused and the remaining material (less than 15%) was send offsite. After treatment offsite a sand fraction could be reused and the remaining was landfilled.

The remediation works ended in December 2018, when also the permit for allotment was given.

Works to install the roads will be undertaken after summer and afterwards also the start of building 62 houses and a 6 000 m2 green area will be undertaken.

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