Clyde Falzon (WasteServ Malta, Malta) presented the landfill gas management in the Maltese landfills.

In Malta about 2 million waste is produced every year (mostly construction waste) of which about 10% is landfilled on the Ghallis engineered landfill at the Maghtab environmental complex.

On this landfill 23 gas extraction wells have been installed, of which 15 produce good quality gas (CH4 52%, CO2 37%, O2 0,2%, with a typical flow of 90m3/hr) that is routed to a generator unit that produces an average of 26,400kWh units of power per week. The lower quality gas is routed for treatment through a flare.

The gas from the old Zwera and Maghtab landfill is collected together (CH4 0,6%, CO2 2,1%) and mixed with fresh air to be suitable for treatment at the Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser unit.

At the Qortin Non-Hazardous Non-Engineered landfill in Gozo, the calorific value of the gas is relatively low and there for the current gas extraction system uses a Flare unit to treat the gas.

The last three landfills are closed and are now undergoing rehabilitation projects.

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