Gerd Burkhardt (ICP, Germany) gave an overview of leachate collection.

A leachate collection system consists of:

  1.  Drainage layer above base sealing system,
  2. Leachate collection pipes (drainage pipes),
  3. Manholes (outside of dumping area!),
  4. Leachate transport pipes (from manholes to storage pond or basin),
  5. Leachate storage ponds, basins or tanks.

Leachate shall be discharged to a storage pond whenever possible by gravity flow. Therefor the storage ponds should be placed at the deepest point of the landfill site.

The drainage layer should be spread over the whole area of the landfill, the thickness of the drainage layer is regulated by the EU landfill directive.

Inclination of the leachate collection pipes is very important to ensure good leachate collection. There are specific requirements on the material of these pipes. also care should be taken to avoid incustration by flushing the pipes regularly.

Manholes are needed to give access to the leachate drainage pipes for inspection and flushing.

Interested to know more about leachate collection and to see some examples?
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