Isabel Kitzerow and Sabine Paßberg (VEO, Germany) presented the leachate capturing and purification at the landfill Grube Präsident, a landfill for waste from metallurgic processes.

Grube Präsident is a landfill of 14,9 ha with a volume of 2,3 million m3 of industrial waste from metallurgical processes located in Eisenhüttenstadt.

The leachate water from this landfill has an extremely high pH, therefor it is first neutralised before going to the ZABA treatment plant. This is a combination of two biological and two chemical treatment.

For this landfill site:

• pollution is mainly limited to lime and ion input,

• pollution by organic components or by heavy metals is low,

• treatment of the leachate for reuse at the landfill is not required due to the favourable discharge conditions,

• treatment of the wastewater can take place in VEO‘s own wastewater treatment plant.

Interested to know more? Download the presentation on the landfill Grube Präsident.