The 15th International Conference on Sustainable Use and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water Resources took place from 20–24 May 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium. More information about AquaConsoil.

Our partners, Jan Frank Mars and Eddy Wille presented the COCOON project with a poster. They used this occasion to communicate about the principle of dynamic landfill management to the numerous participants. This concept is the result from the different COCOON exchange of experience meetings where we discovered the disadvantages of a static landfill management and the need for a dynamic system. The idea of a dynamic landfill management was also acknowledged at the second ELFM seminar in the European Parliament and is now being further developed within the COCOON consortium.  

During the session ‘Circular land use and brownfield regeneration’ (23rd May) Eddy Wille also held a presentation on the ‘Innovative characterisation of landfills and smart decision-making as part of the circular economy’. This discussion is also very relevant for COCOON as the characterisation of a landfill is needed to determine the landfill management options within the regional landfill policy.