This presentation on “Financial aspects of landfilling - From planning to remediation“ was held at the thematic event focused on financial aspects of landfill management projects in Nicosia (Cyprus) on September 26, 2018.  

Stefan Abel (State Office of Environment of the State of Brandenburg, Germany) highlighted the financial aspects of landfilling, both expenditures and incomes. He estimated the following costs:

  • pre-construction: 50 000 euro per hectare;
  • construction: 1 million euro per hectare;
  • remediation cost: 850 000 euro per hectare;
  • post remediation maintenance: 120 000 euro per hectare (counted for 30 years);
  • operational costs: 500 000 euro per hectare .

This is about 2,5 million euro per hectare. Depending on the volume of the landfill the average fee for deposition should be higher than 25 euro per m3.

You can find the presentation here.