This presentation was held at the thematic event in Nicosia (Cyprus) on September 26, 2018 and focused on financial aspects of landfill management projects.

Clyde Falzon (WasteServ Malta, Malta) explained the landfill situation in Malta and the focus of the priority axis 10 in the OP – Investing in a more environmentally friendly society. This priority axis will pursue interventions aimed at:

  • increasing waste recycling;
  • reducing the volume of waste going to the landfill;
  • waste to energy measures;
  • rehabilitation of closed landfills;
  • education campaigns.

42,5 million euros is foreseen for this priority. With regard to landfill management projects, 6 million euros is foreseen for the extensive rehabilitation of the former landfill at Wied Fulija to control the landfill gas emissions and do landscaping.

You can find the presentation here.