This presentation on “OP Brandenburg: ERDF funding for landfill measures in the periods from 2000 – 2013 (Germany)” was held at the thematic event focused on financial aspects of landfill management projects in Nicosia (Cyprus) on September 26, 2018.

Dr. Stock (State Office of Environment of the State of Brandenburg, Germany) explained that during the period 2000-2013 more than 75 million ERDF funding was used for projects on landfill remediation with an eligible costs of more than 161 million euro. In the first period focus was laid on exclusive use of the ERDF funds for the remediation of the landfills operated by the counties and joint waste management authorities which have to close in 2005 or 2009. For the second period projects on remediation/recultivation of closed landfills with priority on municipalities, that had no or no adequate possibilities to build up financial reserves for the rehabilitation or recultivation of their landfills, were supported. This resulted in:

  • 26 landfills totally covered or sealed,
  • 9 landfills partially or temporary covered or sealed,
  • 2 landfills totally excavated,
  • 20 landfills equipped with landfill gas capturing plants (active),
  • 5 landfills equipped with devices for passive degassing,
  • 1 landfill equipped with a sealing wall,
  • 2 landfills measures for acceleration of biological degradation of organic waste compartments.

You can find more information and some cases in the presentation here.