This presentation was held at the thematic event focussed on interim landfill use in Almere on June 6, 2018.

Eddy Wille (OVAM) gave a presentation on system boundaries and models. This presentation was also given at the EIP Raw Materials workshop of Raw Materials in Brussels on May 16, 2018.

He mentioned that the data collection on landfills (not only the operational ones) performed by the COCOON-partners is a major step towards a system of integrated resource management on the EU-level.

However, Landfill management must be seen in a broader framework than material management. Aspects such as climate change, biodiversity and safe drinking water, all elements of the Sustainable Development Goals should be part of the framework wherein Sustainable Landfill Management will be developed. A paradigm shift from Final disposal sites to Dynamics Stocks of Resources is required to bring Landfill Management to a more sustainable level.

From this perspective, the traditional black box approach is no longer a suitable Conceptual Site Model. The characterisation of landfills should more focus on the above mentioned frameworks and boundary conditions. This implies more details on the characteristics of the content, surface and surroundings in order to evaluate a long-term management. Bringing more color into the Black box by geophysical surveys in order to deliver data (Enhanced Inventory Framework) to run the Decision Support Tools is the main objective of RAWFILL. By using models from other EU-projects such as SmartGround and Hombre, expertise will be redirected and recycled to the specific management of landfills. AC/DC would sing about landfills: ‘A whole lotta Resources’.

You can find the presentation here.