The iSLM aims to reduce the risk for the environment and the health, while also shortening the active aftercare phase to avoid transfer of problems and costs related to landfill management to the next generations. Therefor pilot cases were set up within the Green Deal on Sustainable Landfill Management.

Heijo Scharff (Afvalzorg) presented the three pilot cases in the Green Deal on Sustainable landfill management (iSLM): Kragge, Braamberg and Wieringermeer.

He describes the two options for stabilisation: (1) the Infiltration and recirculation of water can accelerate anaerobic degradation but cannot complete degradation and (2) aeration is necessary to degrade remaining organic matter aerobically. The infiltration and recirculation technology is tested at the pilot in Kragge, while the aeration technology is testes in Braambergen and Wieringermeer. These pilots should give insights if the target values can be reached and remain unchanged in the future. The pilots will run until 2026 and after a year of monitoring in 2026 the success of the iSLM will be determined allowing to make an evaluation and decisions for the future.

You can find the presentation here.