This presentation was held by Dr Stock (State Office of environment of the state of Brandenburg, Germany) at the thematic event focused on ‘Environmental aspects of landfill management projects’ under the session ‘Impacts: Leachates, Soil Protection, Ground Water, Floods & Landfills close to coast’. The event took place in Cordoba (Spain) on February 22, 2018.

The presentation is built up into two parts: the first deals with groundwater protection and the second part is about groundwater monitoring.

Groundwater protection in Germany is the main concern of landfill construction; the philosophy here is to work with different barriers that ensure a high level of security in the next future (100 years). This is realized by geological barriers and sealing systems, an overview is given in the presentation. Note that the sealing system is the most expensive part of protection, on average 1 million euro per ha should be counted. Ground water monitoring is in Germany described in the guideline for groundwater protection: WÜ98. Also existing control levels for the evaluation of ground water pollution for example in the drinking water audience. The different parameters to take into account are listed in the presentation.

You can find the entire presentation here.