The first thematic event focussed on ‘Environmental aspects of landfill management projects’ and took place in Cordoba (Spain) on February 21-22, 2018.

The event started on Wednesday February 21 with a public session opened to partners, stakeholders accompanying partners, experts and diverse targeted Andalusian public.

In the afternoon site visits to landfill sites and the waste management facilities were organised.

On Thursday February 22 the thematic seminar started at 9h. It was build up on three sessions, a discussion between all the participants followed after each session:

1.    Prevention: policies & educational aspects to reduce waste volume.
2.    Impacts: Leachates, Soil Protection, Ground Water, Floods & Landfills close to coast.
3.    After Care: after-closure management & possibilities of use for old landfills

More information can be found here.