COCOON was presented in a speech to about 20 people at the general assembly of the KLEE committee on November 24, 2017 in Potsdam.

KLEE stands for “Klimaschutz und Energieeffizienz” (climate protection and energy efficiency). In this committee most important authorities for ERDF administration are present, among with the Ministry for economic affairs and energy (MWE) as ERDF administration authority and the Investment Bank of Brandenburg (ILB) as approving authority for ERDF proposals. Also social organisations like the evangelic and catholic church are represented.

This committee decides in last instance about approving of ERDF proposals for the state of Brandenburg among which also the operational programme of the state of Brandenburg for the ERDF fund, specific objective 11: reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gasges at landfill sites. This is the policy instrument that will be tackled in the COCOON project for the region of Brandenburg.