To control and regulate an old dumpsite is not an easy task. New solutions for the treatment of waste and sound disposal methods were sought for the old Maghtab dumpsite in Malta. After numerous efforts by the vast majority of Maltese entities this was successfully achieved.

Covering an area of 280,000m², the rehabilitation process comprised of new physical formations and re-vegetation, a mechanical treatment plant, a bulky waste facility, an anaerobic digestion/biogas plant and a new mechanical biological treatment plant. Additionally the vast majority of waste disposed in the old dumpsite consisted of construction waste, which has since been diverted to old quarries to restore local landscape by filling the void spaces.

Nowadays, the closed Maghtab dumpsite serves as a reminder to work towards smarter waste management practices, including waste reduction and diversion from landfill. Since the Maltese Islands face constraints of limited land availability, efficient landfilling practices would ultimately relieve some of this burden by which abundant volumes of waste can be appropriately landfilled in a relatively small area whilst also safeguarding the surrounding environment and human health.