This presentation was held by Eddy Wille on behalf of Jef Steenackers (Tellum, Belgium) at the thematic event focused on ‘Environmental aspects of landfill management projects’ under the session ‘After Care: after‐closure management & possibilities of use for old landfills’. The event took place in Cordoba (Spain) on February 22, 2018.

The presentation highlights several cases of landfill redevelopment projects during the last decades. The valorisation of the landfilled material was not only limited to the production of recyclables such as construction materials, but also the recovery of energy like coal or RDF. Currently, not many landfills allow an economically feasible recycling of materials. Tailings are more promising but in Flanders those reserves were limited to the former coal tips and even in this case market conditions are not in favor. Moreover after the closure of the coalmines, the knowledge/experience of mining technologies is disappearing in Flanders. 

Nevertheless, redevelopment of landfill sites is an upcoming business. The driving forces are often related to the spatial pressure and the adverse impact on the soil and (ground)water quality.

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