This presentation was held by Hans‐Joachim Peters (South Brandenburg Waste Management Authority (Germany) at the thematic event focused on ‘Environmental aspects of landfill management projects’ under the session ‘After Care: after‐closure management & possibilities of use for old landfills’. The event took place in Cordoba (Spain) on February 22, 2018.

In Germany many landfills include a technical infrastructure, which could be used for energy production, landfills mostly are well connected to the traffic system of roads and highways, sometimes even to railroad networks. Especially in Brandenburg the landfill bodies are flat, normally the highest angle is 1:3 (height to length. This makes the conditions for reusing a landfill – especially the surface of it – often are very good. 

Possible use of landfills:

• Installation of photovoltaic or solarthermic power plants,

• Using the place for buildings like plants for waste treatment or waste collecting stations,

• Installation of wind power plants,

• Building a service point and parking location for a public bus company,

• Creating an area for public entertainment or local recreation.

As examples for some possibilities to use landfills the Landfill „Frankenfelder Berg“ in Luckenwalde was presented that is now used as a PV power plant and waste transfer station; and a bus Service Station and Depot in Bad Freienwalde. 

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