This presentation was held by Ron Nap (senior policy developer expert on spatial planning of subsurface space, The Netherlands) at the thematic event focused on ‘Environmental aspects of landfill management projects’ under the session ‘After Care: after‐closure management & possibilities of use for old landfills’. The event took place in Cordoba (Spain) on February 22, 2018.

Currently, most landfill redevelopment projects start from the physical and spatial characteristics of an area in order to explore the options for redevelopment. Ron Nap has an interesting point of view in this regard and starts from the users of the area. In this way it is ensured that future values for the end users are taken into account allowing that each design must leave enough possibilities for future demands and new values (in contrast to the lock-in effect). In the presentation an example of a green roof is given, in which 10 functions are described in an evolving business case where the next step creates a platform for the subsequent step and creates future value. In a case study at the ‘Kanaalpark’ area stakeholders were contacted to jointly explore added value. Furthermore, a fund for a multiple benefit business case is being searched for, allowing a collective development with shareholders instead of stakeholders. More information on this topic can also be found in the paper of Hanneke Puts and Jurgen van der Heijden that was the winning entry for the Plandag Award 2017, the yearly conference of Dutch and Flemish planners and city developers. You can find it here