Are you a member of an organisation that is involved in landfill management projects; are you involved in policy on soil, materials, waste or landfill related topics or an organisation providing funding for landfill management projects? Then you might just be the organisation we are looking for to participate in our regional stakeholder group meetings. Interested to participate, do you want more information on the stakeholder groups? Please get in touch with your region's COCOON contact person.

The COCOON partners aim to improve the regional policy instrument on landfill management in the regions of Andalucia, Brandenburg, Cyprus, Flanders, Malta and the Netherlands. More info on the specific policy instruments of the different regions can be found here. In order to improve the regional policy instrument to the needs of the different stakeholders in the field of landfill management, specific stakeholder group meetings in the 6 partner regions are (being) set up. The aim of the meeting is to further improve the regional policy instrument in cocreation with the stakeholders to ensure the implementation of the new policy once installed. This should lead to more landfill management projects.