Although landfills are not the most appealing places for people, there are some visitors that are deeply in love with SADECO landfill. Our management style is based on a waste pretreatment carried out inside the landfill where organic fraction undergoes fermentation in aerobic conditions for several weeks, (composting process) before compacting treated waste in horizontal areas through heavy machinery. To reach this aim, unlike most of Spanish municipal solid waste landfills, a extended operational and active surface of landfill is required and waste is never covered with land. That means that waste is completely accessible on the whole surface of SADECO landfill for some of our nicer and cuter visitors, BIRDS, which enjoy tasty meals and quiet home for free. Gulls, Storks, Black and Red kites are only some of our flying friends, which help us to watch over our landfill while we and sighting fans take advantage of its voluntary job as guards to gaze them.