The meeting was opened by the Councillor for Energy of the ABruzzo Region, Mr Nicola Campitelli, who welcomed the partners and their stakeholders to Pescara and the wider Region of Abruzzo.

The workshop will bring together 25 participants being COALESCCE project partners and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain and UK.

During the interregional technical workshop, we will present the final drafts of the Action plans developed by COALESCCE project partners, the methodology for monitoring of their implementation into Phase 2 of the project period. The success of the action planning process depends on the level of stakeholder activation and involvement and adequate definition of activities.

At this point the Action Plans should be substantially complete however there may be elements of best practice in one of the partner Action Plans that can be transferred to others. The meeting will discuss this concept on the first day. This may include elements such as the second phase implementation strategy. We will also discuss with stakeholders how they envisage the successful implementation of the Action Plans in their respective regions.

We also hold our final Phase 1 Steering Group meeting.