The workshop will be divided into the following main sessions:

Session 1 Development of Best Practice Toolkit: Monday, 28th afternoon and Tuesday, 29th January in the morning

Session 2 Action Planning for partners: Tuesday, 29th in the afternoon and Wednesday 30th, January the whole day

The workshop will bring together participants being COALESCCE project partners and stakeholders from Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain and UK.

During the interregional technical workshop we will discuss the Action plans to be drafted by each COALESCCE project partner, the methodology for monitoring of their implementation and the development of Best Practice Toolkit. The success of the action planning process depends on the level of stakeholder activation and involvement and adequate definition of activities.

With the presentation of Best Practices by each partner, 7 real examples will be presented that demonstrate synergies and mutual learning between the partner regions. Consequently, the participating project representatives will be invited to discuss and present their achievements and also their challenges, learn more about further European initiatives, see how projects could support each other for mutual regional benefit and understand how the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform could help them to improve the effectiveness of regional policies with regards to community energy.