The subject of the peer review will focus on two things:

1) Lack of knowledge in community energy; awareness raising of community energy among local


2) How the existing regional framework can be used as a policy basis to foster community energy


1.2 Please state any specific questions that, as the Host Region, you wish to ask the Peer

Review Team.

1) How can we raise awareness among local people concerning community energy, and among

local governments?

2) How to enhance cooperatives in the field of energy.

3) Which cooperation and business schemes are most suitable to foster community energy


1.3 Please state any specific outcomes you expect to achieve from this Peer Review

(development of a particular field / project, etc.).

1) Recommendations on measures and actions that can be taken at the regional level, to support

development of projects on community level helping them to become self-sufficient and

sustainable in energy.

2) Recommendations on cooperation and financing schemes that can be promoted to support

consumers and communities in becoming more active in the energy market.