Dave Catherall and Joe Robinson (Project Head of Communications) attended the conference in Sofia with delegates from throughout Europe. It was a great networking opportunity, really well organised and in a great venue/host city.

The event aimed to foster sharing and exchange experiences between projects. In two days, the participants had a chance to:

◾Exchange experiences and share lessons learned in the projects

◾Be inspired, meet and get know representatives from projects in different stages

◾Pool the most effective strategies to mobilise their stakeholders

◾Learn about techniques for transferring good practices between regions

◾Enhance their capacity to draft, approve, implement and monitor your action plan

◾Share their best tips and tricks on project management and communication

◾Get concrete ideas for further cooperation efforts

◾Engage in mutual learning

Since the event we have brought in a different approach to how we manage feedback session on the COALESCCE peer reviews, how we provide details from partner examples of best practice and how we approach general communications within the project.

These programmes offer really good opportunities not just in the sessions programmed for the days but also in the breakouts to get to know people across the programme.