The focus of our region’s Peer Review will be on public and private initiatives, the need and challenges of integrating them, activities and policy instruments in the field of energy and climate change and awareness raising of community energy for everybody.

The main initiatives and activities are:

 The public and private initiatives and the Pescara Charter;

 The participatory process (involvement of stakeholders and citizens);

 The Covenant of Mayors Initiative.


The peer review will examine:

а) How this existing framework can be used as a policy basis for partnerships with community energy groups;

b) How citizens and stakeholders can be actively involved;

c) How to foster private and public partnership;

d) How can we raise awareness among local people concerning community energy and how can we convince people to cooperate in community energy projects;

e) Will identify potential business models for such partnerships, and will recommend practical steps, which can be taken to enable these partnerships to be established.