The Peer Review in Pescara focused on public and private initiatives, the need and challenges of integrating them, activities and policy instruments in the field of energy and climate change and awareness raising of community energy for everybody

 The Abruzzo Region’s Peer Review was organised in the building of the Regional Council of the Abruzzo Region in Pescara (13th) and in the building of Service of Energy Policy of the Abruzzo Region (15th and 16th). The Peer Review has been attended by the project partners from different European countries: Oldham/Greater Manchester (UK), Prahova (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Lake Constance (Germany), Valencia Region (Spain) and Debrecen (Hungary).

The agenda included 4 days of activities: 

1) Monday 12th. The partners met for the Welcome and kick-off working dinner; This helped focus the group on the forthcoming week's activities and presented an opportunity to ask any questions of the peer review hosts.

2) Tuesday 13th. It has been planned a workshop day with Peer Review Team and stakeholders: the expert team of the COALESCCE project had the opportunity to meet local stakeholder from different sectors such as politics, university, SMEs, public transport, energy agency and associations. The participants to the workshop included, among others: the Undersecretary for Environment of the Abruzzo Region (Mario Mazzocca), the President of TUA Abruzzo Spa, Regional Transport Company (Tullio Tonelli), the Responsible of unit of ENEA Pescara (Nicola Labia) and the President of CNA Pescara, National Confederation of Crafts and Medium Enterprises (Cristian Odoardi).

 3) Wednesday 14th. The partners visited two best practices in the Abruzzo Region: L’Aquila town under reconstruction and its smart tunnel, an underground tunnel in which will pass the main services for the town (water, power and communication lines) and the wine producer Marramiero (with a meeting with the President and illustrations of their activities about energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability). The group were particularly interested in the renovation works that were ongoing since the devastating earthquake of 2009. The historic core of the city was characterised by properties in multiple ownership and occupancy and in order to proceed with the renovations all parties had to sign an agreement detailing the work to be undertaken. The peer group felt that this model of agreement between occupiers could easily be used on similar properties to undertake a community energy installation such as solar pv on the roof.

 4) Thursday 15th. The partner showed their presentation of the peer review conclusions to stakeholders, suggesting their own best practices and opening a discussion with local stakeholders. The best practices shared are:

 - Local Authority community energy collaborations (UK)

- ESCOs investing in communities in flats (Spain)

- Greater Manchester Investment Fund – ERDF, ELENA (UK)

- Strawbale houses (Hungary)

- Solar PV on tenement blocks in Sofia (Bulgaria)

- Ploiesti – public-private heat network serving half of city (Romania)

- Bioenergy villages – scientific approach; Renewable energy tours; Solarbundesliga (La SERIA A solare) (Germany)

- Community Energy England: networks & support (UK)

 5) Friday 16th the COALESCCE Fifth Steering Group Meeting has been held.