Interreg Europe helps practitioners of regional development policies to increase their professional skills thanks to the exchange of experience activities carried out within projects. Increased professional capacity means that people have gained new knowledge in their field of expertise, knowledge that helps them to better perform their job.

In order to measure the number of people with increased professional capacity we addressed CLUSTERIX 2.0 asked all people who were particularly active in the exchange of experience activities of the project to answer a survey. This includes both the staff of the partners’ organisations and the members of the stakeholder groups.

Based on the template provided by the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat and using survey monkey we gathered answers of 60 respondents in a timeframe of 5 weeks (5 February – 11 March 2019). Out of these 60 respondents 27 are staff members of the nine CLUSTERIX 2.0 project partners, 33 were involved as stakeholders. 29 policy makers replied (responsible for the policy instrument addressed or other SF/national/regional programmes) as well as 31 people implementing these policies.

Results: All 60 respondents agree that they came across interesting practices and ideas from other regions during the project activities, 57% even strongly agree. All 60 respondents report to have increased their professional competence, more than 70% even to a large degree.

It was particularly pleasing that the respondents answered the two open questions on what examples they found most interesting and how the increased competence impacts their daily work in a detailed and enthusiastic way.

Some quotes:

« The project gave us a lot of insights in which services can support clusters in addition to subsidies. We will implement these learnings in the coming months and years. »

« With the help of CLUSTERIX 2.0 we initiated a new dialogue on improving PPI activities in our region, launched a new funding scheme for 3D printing and improved our approach to initiate collaborative projects on digital transformation. »

Read more about the results of the survey here, please click into the section "flyers and posters" in the library.