Now, as phase 1 of CLUSTERIX 2.0 is over, we took the time to look back and to review three fruitful and exciting years of interregional learning.

We are proud to be a consortium full of professional friends, like-minded cluster people and eager to make a change worthwhile pursuing!

Various successful interregional and regional meetings with the active involvement of policy makers and other stakeholders as well as international cluster conferences are an attestation and our true, non-monetary remuneration for all the work everyone in the CLUSTERIX 2.0-orbit put into the collaboration.

One major achievement is the consolidation of the Action Plans which will now be put in practice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the CLUSTERIX 2.0 consortium, the involved stakeholders, our peer Interreg Europe projects and the Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat for the high engagement, smooth communication and solution-oriented way of going about things and look forward to a very promising Phase 2 in CLUSTERIX 2.0.