Working group ‘services for Cluster Management Organisations (CMOs)’ aims to explore which services can be offered to improve clusters’ performance and to increase their impact. It is led by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Westpannon Ltd.

During our first meeting, on February 28th in Györ, we found that most organisations have started with a basic level of service provision to CMOs (e.g. regular networking events on specific themes) and/or have some ideas about it. Although not all regions are comparable in terms of CMO organisation, their general needs and questions are.

For instance: there is a common need to support Cluster Management Organisations by offering different services, based on the real needs of clusters. Therefore the working group would like to answer: ‘which services should be provided?’, ‘who should provide these?’ and ‘how should they be financed?’.

In order to achieve this, an inventory of services provided inside as well as outside the Clusterix 2.0 consortium will be made. Simultaneously, CMO needs will be analysed by interviewing cluster management organisations that are directly linked to the Clusterix 2.0 partners that are participating in this working group. The first results will be shared during the next Clusterix 2.0 project meeting in Auvergne, 23-24 May 2018.


For more information about this working group, you can contact:

Anouschka Kuijsters: [email protected]