The project meeting will also be combined with a workshop on strategic use of design in clusters, including a session in which the Cluster Organisation Design2innovate presents the value of design in business and provide insight and hands-on experience with design methods.


 Tuesday 5th September 

  15:30 Welcome and opening address by a representative from the Region of Southern Denmark and Simone Hagenauer, Clusterix 2.0 Project Manager  

  Introduction to the Region of Southern Denmark and the Business Area “Experience Economy”  

                By a representative from the Region of Southern Denmark (tbc)

 Introduction to the Cluster Organisation Design2innovate – D2i 

                By a representative from D2i

The objective of D2i is to help companies realise ideas and build and develop collaboration agreements and networks with knowledge institutions and other companies. D2i works across industries, and its project activities and membership options give companies access to strategic design research and knowledge. The long-term goal for D2i is to integrate design into more companies and thus to promote growth and improve competitiveness.


Wednesday 6th September

9:00 Workshop at Design School Kolding 

                Design School Kolding is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The school trains designers at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Design School Kolding has around 380 active students and a number of PhD students, including industrial PhD students. Every year, the school admits around 90 new students. In addition, the school offers a Master’s programme in design management in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark.

Workshop: Design Innovation

Presentation of the value of design driven innovation in business

- The Design Process – Introduction to the Design Model

- Design Methods – participants to use the methods

- Case: Design for business impact

- Case: Strategic Design Consultancy

- Wrap up and presentation of insights

  17:00 Transfer to Billund 


Thursday 7th September

  8:45 Meeting point at Hotel Legoland, Billund 

  Study Visit to Play User Lab 

              Play User Lab is for companies that wish to design for future play. It is a collaboration between Design School Kolding and the Capital of Children, Billund. The company should be focused on development and manufacture of products for children.

11:00 Examples of Good practice 

- Lower Austria Enterprise 4.0

The Lower Austrian "Economy 4.0" initiative joins forces of the main regional actors, bundles existing activities and complements it with additional measures, such as the assessment of needs, investment in R&D, specific calls, the development of training and education instruments and the initiation of lead projects, such as "Enterprise 4.0" supported by the Mechatronics Cluster of ecoplus, which will be presented in detail. The project gathers 11 leading big innovative companies who exchange experience on 3 interlinked aspects: digital transformation, entrepreneurship and internationalization.

12:00 Lunch 

13.00 Examples of Good practice 

- IDM South Tirol, Matrix Governance Structure of Ecosystems

Introduction to IDM’s new organisational structure of servicing strategic and operative networks of established firms, start-ups, investors, universities and research and development establishments (“ecosystems”) in using South Tyrol’s areas of strength (Alpine technologies, green technologies, food technologies and ICT & Automation) to increase the innovation competencies of businesses, to initiate projects and to promote a culture of cooperative innovation in order to guarantee knowledge and technology transfer.

- Southern Denmark: Public Private Innovation Pool 

The Public Private Innovation Pool (PPI Pool) is a pool of funds dedicated to the commercialisation of public-private innovation. It supports products or solutions in the phase of test and development in close collaboration between private companies and the public sector by helping small companies to overcome initial challenges in the commercialisation of their new products.

15:00 End of Meeting