The 1st edition of the Clermont Innovation Week will be held from 23 until 27 April 2018 all over Clermont-Ferrand urban area, with over 60 events, of all kind (conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions, experimentations, open doors…) organized by each partner of the ecosystem.

The events are classified in 5 categories:

1. Creating a business/ setting-up a collaborative project

2. Discover the innovation ecosystem

3. Experimenting

4. Understanding tomorrow’s world

5. UFO! unclassifiable projects

The purpose of the event is to arise interest, spread innovation culture and highlight the local ecosystem where:

1. All kinds of innovation are concerned: social, digital, industrial, scientific…

2. All partners are involves: start-ups, SMEs, big companies, associations, civil society members, officials, educational, researchers and clusters.

On Friday 27 April, ClusteriX 2.0 stakholders group will gather at the end of the Clermont Innovation Week:


Promotional video of the event: