Clusters in the Digital Era is the title of the conference that was organised on 14th-16th of October in Košice by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency within the international project ClusterFY. Its visitors had the chance to visit innovative workplaces.

Košice became the centre of European clusters from 8 countries cooperating on Interreg Europe project since 2017. Representatives from Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Greece presented during the last eight project meeting their experience and good practices.

The program of the conference was divided into thematic panels according to representatives and managers of clusters on different levels of development. Panel discussions were aimed to the establishing of clusters, the development of clusters, their needs and international experience.

The participants had the opportunity to see the good practices in practice during the study visits in innovative companies such as T-Systems and Fpt Slovakia which are members of gold labelled clusters – Košice IT Valley and in company Spinea, member of AT+R cluster. One of the visits were held also in one of the leading scientific and research institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences - PROMATECH Research Centre of Progressive Materials and Technologies, which creates a real platform for the development of cooperation between academia and industry in the field of applied material research.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of member states presented national Action plans, good practice examples and also the proposals for next possible cooperation. SIEA representatives informed also about the ESCA certification according to European Secretariat for Cluster Analyses.